Dress Code


The Cardigan Golf Club dress code applies to all members and guests


Notice to all Members and Guests

  • A standard of dress appropriate to the occassion will be expected at all times.
  • Smart casual wear is considered the minimum standard but may be acceptable for the majority of occassions in the club.
  • Rugby (apart from internationals i.e. Six Nations Rugby) and football jerseys, singlets and sweaters alone shall not be worn on the course or in the lounge and dining room.
  • Tailored shorts with knee length or sports socks are permitted on the course and in the lounge and dining room. No sports or beach shorts are allowed.
  • The changing of clothing in the car park is not allowed.
  • Shoes worn on the course must not be warn in the lounge or dining room. Bare feet or flip-flops are not allowed.
  • Headwear must not be worn in the lounge or dining room