Golf is a difficult game, made to look very easy. Failure to master the essential basics of address and swing, inevitably lead to frustration with a lack of progress. Inconsistency can mean not being able to achieve one’s true golfing potential. A few lessons from a qualified golf professional, will be more valuable than all the equipment money can buy.

Coaching – Rates and Programs

golf_lessonsBeyond the early stages, swing, and all round game development, other aspects of golf such as Fitness (you are the 15th club in the bag!), Nutritional and Mental aspects, also become important to your golfing performance and enjoyment.
We specialise in One to One and Group coaching, offering structured programmes to suit individual and group needs.Rates and programmes follow below.

Coaching Rates

Duration Fees
Private Tuition 3/4 hour £25.00
Paired Tuition 3/4 hour £32.50
Group Tuition (3-8) 1 hour £37.50
Private Tuition 1/2 hour £20.00
Paired Tuition 1/2 hour £25.00
Group Tuition (3-8) 3/4 hour £30.00