Hole by Hole Tour.


Par 4, 418 yards

This is a tough opening hole, made more difficult if the prevailing south westerly wind is blowing. Like many holes to come there is plenty of gorse to be seen on both sides of the fairway. The second shot to a hidden green often needs a wood or long iron aimed slightly left of the target.

White Par 4 418 yds S.I. 4
Yellow Par 4 401 yds S.I. 4
Red Par 4 390 yds S.I. 11

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Par 4, 364 yards

Drive to the left of the fairway to avoid the out of bounds on the right. A straightforward second shot, needing to avoid the bunkers front right and left.

White Par 4 364 yds S.I. 10
Yellow Par 4 353 yds S.I. 10
Red Par 4 273 yds S.I. 15

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Par 4, 355 yards

“Turning back towards the clubhouse, beware of the fairway bunker on the right that is not visible from the tee. The approach to this long two-tier green is guarded by gorse and bunkers right and left.”

White Par 4 355 yds S.I. 6
Yellow Par 4 340 yds S.I. 6
Red Par 4 325 yds S.I. 3

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Par 4, 375 yards

“A straightaway par four from a slightly raised tee. Beware of the cavernous bunker short left of the green.”

White Par 4 375 yds S.I. 16
Yellow Par 4 363 yds S.I. 16
Red Par 4 342 yds S.I. 7

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Par 4, 348 yards

“A challenging drive up the hill, good placement is required for dog-leg right approach to the green. Only the bravest try cutting the corner, flirting with trees and out-of bounds”

White Par 4 348 yds S.I. 2
Yellow Par 4 348 yds S.I. 2
Red Par 4 302 yds S.I. 1

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Par 3, 180 yards

“This first up-hill par three demands a well struck shot. Anything falling off to the right will require a delicate chip to rescue a par.”

White Par 3 180 yds S.I. 14
Yellow Par 3 161 yds S.I. 14
Red Par 3 121 yds S.I. 17

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Par 5, 476 yards

“This double right to left dog leg hole shares its tee with the 13th hole. There is plenty of room for the drive out to the right of the gorse and the marker post. Long hitters can reach the green with their second shot providing they avoid the bunkers front and left and the smaller one hidden on the right.”

White Par 5 476 yds S.I. 18
Yellow Par 5 471 yds S.I. 18
Red Par 5 384 yds S.I. 5

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Par 3, 165 yards

“Another uphill par three with an elevated two-tier green, well guarded by bunkers left and right.”

White Par 3 171 yds S.I. 8
Yellow Par 3 165 yds S.I. 8
Red Par 3 139 yds S.I. 13

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Par 5, 515 yards

“Once the views have been absorbed, drive from the highest point of the course, ideally on a line just inside left of the marker post. Again, depending on wind conditions, the flat green can be reached in two. Anything long will require a delicate touch to get down in a chip and putt.”

White Par 5 515 yds S.I. 12
Yellow Par 5 501 yds S.I. 12
Red Par 5 424 yds S.I. 9

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Par 3, 149 yards

“A straightforward short hole with the green sloping from back to front, guarded by the solitary bunker front right.”

White Par 3 149 yds S.I. 17
Yellow Par 3 140 yds S.I. 17
Red Par 3 128 yds S.I. 18

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Par 4, 454 yards

“Overlooking the estuary, the ideal drive needs to be just left of the marker post, as the hole dog-legs to the left. Beware of the hidden bunker front left of the green and don’t be long with your second shot.”

White Par 4 454 yds S.I. 3
Yellow Par 4 422 yds S.I. 3
Red Par 4 378 yds S.I. 2

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Par 4, 383 yards

“This cracking hole runs parallel with the 3rd then dog legs up to the right. Avoid the hidden bunker to the left of the fairway. An uphill second shot demands accuracy, for there are particular dangers for anything hit left.”

White Par 4 383 yds S.I. 5
Yellow Par 4 362 yds S.I. 5
Red Par 5 299 yds S.I. 6

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Par 5, 500 yards

“Following the blind tee shot over the marker post, this is a straight par five to a two-tier green guarded on the right by two bunkers. Left or long of this green will leave a testing up and down.”

White Par 5 500 yds S.I. 11
Yellow Par 5 498 yds S.I. 11
Red Par 5 408 yds S.I. 8

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Par 4, 446 yards

“A tough driving hole, particularly into the prevailing wind, with gorse on the left and out of bounds to the right. A straight forward green providing you miss the bunkers to the right.”

White Par 4 446 yds S.I. 1
Yellow Par 4 424 yds S.I. 1
Red Par 4 341 yds S.I. 12

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Par 4, 349 yards

“A good looking par four, the first of an outstanding quartet of closing holes. A drive onto the fairway leaves a straightforward second to a well protected undulating two-tier green.”

White Par 4 349 yds S.I. 9
Yellow Par 4 339 yds S.I. 9
Red Par 4 325 yds S.I. 4

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Par 3, 177 yards

“This is a picture postcard par three. The elevated tee looks down on the Bay and the bowl like, well bunkered, undulating putting surface. A very difficult hole when the flag is on the small shelf at the back of the green”

White Par 3 177 yds S.I. 15
Yellow Par 3 164 yds S.I. 15
Red Par 3 150 yds S.I. 16

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Par 4, 293 yards

“A classic uphill short par four. Whilst the hole is within reach with a long straight drive there are plenty of problems left and right. A large L shaped, three tiered green will often provide a three putt opportunity.”

White Par 4 293 yds S.I. 13
Yellow Par 4 288 yds S.I. 13
Red Par 4 238 yds S.I. 14

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Par 5, 492 yards

“This par five is a quality links finishing hole. An accurate tee shot is called for as the fairway narrows at the driving distance. The large green beside the clubhouse can be reached in two but there are plenty of problems on either side of the fairway as well as two fairway bunkers some twenty yards short of the target.”

White Par 5 492 yds S.I. 7
Yellow Par 5 477 yds S.I. 7
Red Par 5 408 yds S.I. 10

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